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January 16-24, 2016 - North American International Auto Show - Detroit, MI

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2016, held at Cobo Hall along the river in Detroit, runs from January 11th-24th, with the first week available to media, industry, and the Charity Preview (event held since 1976). The public gets access to the show for $13 per ticket (adults) beginning on Saturday the 16th through Sunday the 24th.

We at Detroit Metro Mashup encourage everyone who can do so to get out and see this event. It’s an inexpensive way to spend the day with your family or friends in the beautiful updated Cobo Hall in Detroit and see the cars that are currently available and the direction(s) that the industry is heading. For some of the technologies you can play the game of guessing which versions will win or lose as time goes on. Coco Hall isn’t a casino, but we imagine there is a lot of big money being bet on these outcomes.

The cars are getting lighter, stronger, more automated and, in many cases, more stylish. We welcome the changes and hope that the industry keeps working on styles and colors that will brighten up the roadways, which have been filled with silver, black, and gray clones for the past several years.

We were also excited to see the improvements in hybrid and electric cars, such as Chevy’s Bolt, and the efforts to bring the cost of these vehicles into the range of popular affordability. Somewhat more behind the scenes is the industry effort towards cars that are aware of their surroundings and self-driving. We’re guessing that these efforts will become more and more obvious at subsequent auto shows and we can’t wait to see what they come up with. If your car can drive itself, you can be on Facebook or look at cat videos all the way to work! Or, just possibly, you could get more of your work done, or read news, or a science book. Right…

Finally, the U.S. Army has quite a setup downstairs at Cobo, with some huge military equipment, a modern camping system designed to eliminate the bivouac, and more. They might even be able to sign your teenager up if you are interested.

We’ll have more car show materials (mostly photos) published in the upcoming days, but encourage you to get out to the NAIAS show this week and have a good time!