A mainstay of Detroit Metro Mashup is the events coverage. The Detroit Metro area, from Flint in the North all the way down to the Detroit River and Windsor, are all part of a playground replete with events that range from historical to new and experimental. Although the summer events are the more obvious, e.g., Arts, Beats, & Eats, and The Woodward Dream Cruise, there are many indoor events, and a few outdoors, that provide entertainment even when Jack Frost is doing his worst to encase us with his frozen breath.

Most public events bring a diversity of Metro Detroiters with radically different life stories into a creative juxtaposition that bridges gaps, develops new contexts for everyone, and allows individual strengths to shine and weaknesses to be overcome. The formation of new relationships, both personal and business, is a common result. These new relationships carve a path through doubt, uncertainty, and mistrust and can lead to a future for Detroit as a cooperative project that will enable, enrich, and generally benefit everyone. The more events there are and the more accessible they are to everyone, the brighter will be our future.

We are covering all sorts of events and, undoubtedly, missing a lot more than we are able to attend. For those we capture, we hope to bring you the feeling that you attended as well, through the benefit of numerous photos that we are taking from as many perspectives as possible. If there is an event you would like to have covered, but isn’t in the upcoming list, please feel free to
contact us and we’ll see what we can do.
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