Business, when properly implemented, has characteristics of both art and science. Everyone has to make a living and most people are motivated to creatively build something, to leave things better than they found them. People generally want to have a life legacy that is well-rounded, successful in ways that are important to them, and which will mean something to those who follow. The region known as the "arsenal of democracy" and the "Motor City" has contained many of the most successful businesses in the world; businesses that created opportunity and planted the seeds of America’s middle class.

Business in Detroit Metro always has been, and always will be, of critical importance to the entire state of Michigan, the United States, and the world. Where we go, the rest will follow. That is why it is critically important that we now lead in creating the ways in which a resurgence of business and prosperity can occur. Hitting near bottom seems to have awakened entrepreneurship and the creative forces that have languished for too long in this industrial megalopolis. Not only have our classic industries broken the surface for a breath of fresh air, but a plethora of both small and large businesses with different goals and products have taken root and are putting out shoots.

Detroit Metro Mashup considers events where people can display and enhance their business skills in creative ways, while improving the area where they live and increase employment, to be extremely important. We will seek to cover the business events that are moving in those directions, that support and promote small businesses, and that bring rebirth, innovation, and positive publicity to our area.
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