Detroit Metro Mashup staff have done a number of reviews of plays, musicals, etc., before we developed this website devoted to the Metro area. We want to continue using that experience along with whatever talents we have for discerning the good from the bad and for squeezing the meaning out of the artistry inherent in theatrical productions. We hope to take those squeezings and distill them into a heady liqueur of words and occasional images. This is a bit of a departure for the DMM website because we have always focussed heavily on photo coverage of events, people, places and things. Unfortunately, stage performers and the theater staff don’t take very kindly to the flares of blinding light from our camera flash attachments while in the middle of an aria or a soliloquy. Yes, we realize that is irrational of them, but we must attempt, therefore, to paint pictures with mere verbiage and hope it’s not garbiage. At any rate, we intend to gradually populate this page with reviews of theater performances, movies, books, food, and whatever else seems to need a good reviewing. We hope you enjoy it.
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