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April 21-26, 2015 - Blue Man Group @ The Fisher Theatre

We attended opening night of the Blue Man Group at the Fisher Theater in Detroit Michigan. We saw their show more than a decade ago in Las Vegas and were curious as to how different the 2015 show would be. It was quite different. About the only holdovers were the percussion instruments, including the paint drums, and the back up musicians overhead and toward the back of the stage. I guess this shouldn't be particularly surprising given the advances in computer technology and visual displays that have occurred during the past decade. We attended opening night, which also happened to be Family Night, so there were additional things in the Fisher Building hallway for children.

It's difficult to put into words what happens during a Blue Man Group show. The show is a mixture of planned entertainment and free-form adaptation to what is happening onstage and, apparently, in the theater itself. This is all managed without the Blue Men saying anything whatsoever, not to themselves nor the audience. Every communication is done by visual cues using the eyes, tilts of the head and arms. The visual and aural displays are nothing short of astounding, with the entire stage and even the audience being lit up in a manner that suits the routines being done by the Blue Men. One of the things they are continuing to do since we saw them in Las Vegas are the percussion instruments apparently made out of PVC pipe. They are able to get a wide range of sounds out of them due to extending and shortening portions of the pipe that slip through one another, much like the slide on a trombone. However, as important as the percussion is, it is only a portion of the overall show that consists of an amazing number of complex visual effects, music, and gags. One of our favorites was the emulation of what they call 2.5 dimensional space, which uses some amazing visual tech coupled with outstanding matching audio.

“The new sound, set, and video design centering (sic) around a proscenium-sized LED curtain and high-resolution screen create an entirely new, high-impact visual experience for Broadway houses across the nation.” However, it’s not all high-tech and gadgetry. Human interaction is interjected big-time as the Blue Men come into the audience several times, two of those selecting audience members to participate on-stage, one to have a very odd dinner and the other to create a work of art that will find its way to the lobby by the end of the performance.

This was a super-enjoyable interactive presentation by the Blue Men and we encourage everyone to see it, either today or the next time they come to Detroit.

“DETROIT, January 13, 2015 – Blue Man Group returns to Detroit’s Fisher Theatre from April 21 – 26, 2015. Tickets will go on sale Friday, January 23 at the Fisher Theatre box office, all Ticketmaster locations, by phone at 1-800-982-2787, online at or “

Tickets for Blue Man Group range from $29 - $89 (includes parking and facility fees).

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