LAST DAY for the North American International Auto Show

If you haven’t made it out to the North American International Auto Show yet, today is your last day. We at Detroit Metro Mashup consider this to be a signature Michigan event that highlights the strengths of our state and the beauty of our major city, Detroit. We encourage you to get out and go to Cobo today and see the amazing tech and the beautiful stylings of our new crop of cars. The weather is nice (don’t have 3 feet of snow like the east coast), the remodeled facility is awesome, and you can grab your Sunday dinner at one of the great places to eat in the area.

The show is open until 7 PM this evening. Go enjoy yourself today before you head back to work tomorrow!

Hoffa, Cars, Art, Musicals, Festivals, and Log Cabin Daze

So no one has won any of our gear by finding Jimmy Hoffa in our events photos yet. Sheesh, I knew it would be tough, but didn’t expect it to be impossible. The Feds can’t find him either, so maybe everything about him is elusive, even his photo. So read on and I’ll drop a clue a bit later to help you in your quest for a t-shirt or drinking device. 

This past weekend we went to the Detroit River Days festival along the River Walk in Detroit. We go to this every year because it is not only a cool event, but a great opportunity to walk along the river, feel the breezes, watch the boats, and observe people representing every possible type of human concoction. The event is awesome, but it’s the people who really make it, from the folks who put it on and run it through the wide-eyed kids who splash in the fountains to cool off after the carnival rides. There was a lot of really good artwork this year, photos, paintings, and sculptures, with some of the painting bordering on being sculpture due to their spatial arrangement and a three-dimensional impression that they individually had; a nearly mysterious appearance of depth. We captured a lot of the art, most if not all of it, in our photos from the festival (see the kitty, above) ( along with a lot of other interesting things and people.

In addition to River Days we’ve covered the Berkley Art Bash (, the Royal Oak Clay, Glass, and Metal Show (, 50 Shades, The Musical! (, and Cruisin’ Gratiot (, all in the past 2.5 weeks and there’s more to come! This weekend we will be at the Downriver Cruise and the Waterford Log Cabin Days, hopefully we’ll see you there.

Oh, right, the Find Jimmy Hoffa contest; I recently promised a hint, didn’t I? Well, Hoffa was the head of the Teamster’s Union and they deal with transportation, their logo has a wheel in it. That’s at least two hints, now go find him and win some swag! Our previous blog post has the rules, so scroll down to it. 

Detroit’s Metro Mashup contests have no monetary value and prizes awarded cannot be substituted for any other or for any cash value. The cash value of the prize is $0.01 U. S. One winner per contest only, winner to be determined by Detroit Metro Mashup to be the earliest email received meeting all the requisite criteria, including the correct photo, the sender’s email address, the subject “I found Jimmy Hoffa,” and the prize selected. If you are under 18 please have your parent or guardian submit your entry for you. Detroit Metro Mashup is not responsible for any errors or omissions either in the contest or your entry. Detroit Metro Mashup has no association with Jimmy Hoffa’s family, estate, or any businesses.

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